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Brenda's testimony

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. My name is Brenda, & I just want to let the world know how good God has been to me. on September 26, 1986 I was in the hospital for 4 months, and in the I C U for 8 weeks, this is what happened, my husband who is gone,(dead) for 12 years now, tried to kill me, not once but twice. We had a church in Cleveland, Ohio, & he was my assistant. I was the pastor, & one Sunday morning I told my son to go & get me the Oil for the kerosene heater and he brought it to me and I put some oil into the heater and there was a great big explosion in the church. I started to put the church out, I heard the voice of the Lord say, to me, Brenda, look at yourself, and when I look down at myself I was on fire. My husband stood in the door way of the church and began to curse me out. I some kind of way got up the stairs, and call 911, and they came out, when they got to the house and church I was setting up stairs, and from my toes up to my hips was on fire. they got me to the hospitl and told my mother and the rest of the family that I had 3 hours to live, and the family started praying, After awhile they told my family that I was going to pull through, but they were going to have to take my left leg off, and my family went back into prayer and the (doctors) came back and said that I was going to be able to keep my leg but I was not going to walk for the rest of my life; but God made them out of a lie, my legs were stuck together and they had to pull them apart, my left leg and my left foot had to be atteched back on, it took 20 hours of surgery 10 hours on Sunday and 10 hours on Monday, the doctors said that I was not going to be able to sing again or preach the gospel, but THANK YOU JESUS I am singing more and preaching much harder then I ever have done before. P.S. If you want to hear more about this testamony please feel free to write me @ bishopgillespie47@yahoo.com or call me @ 440-989-9069 or (440-452-7884 cell )

This was submitted to me,
by my good friend Bishop Brenda Gillespie.
She is sho nuff somebody's preaching,
and prophesying woman of God.

Vicki's testimony

Many of you have heard about this but a lot of you haven't. so I am going to share it again. yes he has done this for me and it is 3 years later, so I guess it worked! I had smoked for about 15 years, most of it 2 packs a day and the last year 1 pack, but I couldn't quit no matter what I did. Well I started praying about it often, but as soon as I prayed I'd light up a cigarette. I didn't mean to do that to God but that is how it went. Three years ago today I was sitting outside on my front step, having a cigarette. All of a sudden I heard a voice and I knew it was God's voice, not audible to the er but earthshaking to the spirit. "This is your last," he said. that was all he said. I said "Lord, that is you, isn't it? okay I will do this but you can't leave me now!" I finished the cigarette, sucking it for all it was worth. After that I never had a desire not even for one puff. oh I just can't believe it even now as I am writing I an smiling and thanking God. what happened the next few days that are supposed to be so miserable were two things. I had to tell anyone about it, I mean anyone who was near me at all. I was so excited they couldn't say no they didn't want to hear it. The other thing that happened was I could not stop singing songs to the Lord, singing around the house and everywhere, just so happy all of the time! I have been around cigarettes, as a lot of people I know and some in my household smoke. I don't allow smoking in the house anymore, but if I walk past the smell or anything I don't want it, not at all, in fact many times I will silently say a prayer for the person that what happened to me happens to them. I share this to show you that God is indeed alive today, meeting needs and changing us. Anything that happens to me could as easily happen to you or your family or friends. Let them know that God loves them and is in the business of delivering and healing lives in countless ways. This is Jesus who we serve, the living God. AS I thank him for this, why not go through your life and see if there isn't something he can work on. God bless you all.

This was submitted by my friend Vicki.
It shows, that god can do anything, but fail.

testimony from a surviver of the tsunami.

Submitted by a surviver of the tsunami. Please note that this is my personal experienced which I have encountered during the tragedy. All glory to Jesus. 25TH DEC 2004- 8pm... The night before the incident around 8pm, both my sis and I were walking down the streets. I had this sudden urged to sing a Christian worship song which I have not sung for a long long time. So as I was walking I sang the chorus over and over again. During our walk, my heart felt uneasy. I told my sis of my uneasiness and that she had asked me to pray in tongues to the Lord. I did just that. Looking back and realizing the lyrics of the song, I now understand how merciful God is because HE tried to prepare/ warn me about the tragedy. The song entitled STILL 'Chorus' WHEN THE OCEAN RISE AND THUNDER ROARS I WILL SOAR WITH YOU ABOVE THE STORM FATHER YOU ARE KING OVER THE FLOOD I WILL BE STILL KNOW YOU ARE GOD. 26TH DEC 6.00AM... We were supposed to check out from one hotel and check in to another at 12.00pm on 26th Dec 2004. There was no reason for us to wake up so early since it was our much deserved holiday but on that 26th Dec 6.00am (both my sis and I which were sleeping on a separate bed) we felt as though someone was waking us up. I thought my sis woke me up to pray as she normally would but I thought, "can't be" as it was still so early. Little that I know, she felt it too and she had the same thought. I then opened my eyes and looked at her and realized that it was not our own doing. We were not scared, and concluded that the Lord wants us to wake up to pray. So we did just that and later check out way ahead of time. 9.30am-10.00am...26th December 2004 We dragged our luggage and walked along the street towards the hotel. We arrived the next hotel around 9.45am. Soon as we handed our check in slip to the receptionist, we saw people were running frantically away from the beach towards the hotel. The moment we turned our head and look in front, we saw a huge big 30ft high wave came crushing through the glass door of the reception. It was so scary as the height of the wave covered the blue sky, the whole area were darken. We were inside the reception area, there were no way to run as the wave crashed mercilessly towards the glass door. We could hear loud noises from the shattered glass and in a split second the reception area was filled with the sea water. The water rose to our neck and we were swept against another glass door, the glass door shattered and threw us out of the reception area. We both were clinging on each other, the water swept through us and we went under the water. My mind went blank; I gulped some sea water-that was all I could remember. Somehow, somewhere in the middle of it, as everything happened so fast, we managed to cling on a wooden pillar. At that precise moment, all we could do was to just pray. I left everything on earth at that point of time, my family, my love ones, my business, my friends, everything... There was nothing I can cry to except to GOD and I did just that. I took out all the knowledge that I learned during my bible class called Deeper Life Seminar conducted by Pastor Vernon Falls. I remembered that he always told us to pray in tongues even more when are in trouble. That was the only knowledge that I have and can use then. We were looking at the disaster, trying to comprehend but it was chaos. Cars were crashing thru the building, gas tank were leaking, roof were tumbling down, people were screaming, we knew dead bodies were everywhere. All I did was pray and pray and all I know was to hold my sister tightly to me so that we will not separated by the strong wave. Approximately seven minutes later the second much stronger wave came and swept us again. I am really amazed that I didn't cry nor had any panic attacked at the time. I still know what to do. In fact, there was this Thai lady who was clinging onto my sis so hard because she can't swim, she was screaming away. In time like that, I don't know how I can still think, I raised my voice at the Thai lady, so that she could hear me and asked her to stop screaming and don't be panic. I told her to calm down and just pray. I saw how she hold on to my sis and was worried for my sis incase her weight might pushed my sister under the water. So I said, "don't scream, don't be panic and don't hold her so tight, Is okay, everything is going to be fine" She calmed down immediately and followed exactly what we asked her to do. My sister has always been very strong in her devotion with the Lord. She knew that she has to safe the Thai lady by asking her to accept the Lord as her savior. I knew you think it is crazy to do so in times like that, but in Christianity, we believed that eternity life begins when you received Jesus and that we believed that when you accept Christ as your Lord and savior you automatically go to heaven. And because of that, my sister knew our situation then, was life and death and that she feels that if anything should happen to the Thai lady at least she will end up in heaven. It was really amazing in crisis like that; my sis could lead the Thai lady into prayer to accepted Christ. The Thai lady accepted Christ there and then and she joined us to pray loudly crying to the Lord, commanding the sea water to calm down and stop the wave from coming, in Jesus name". Our prayer felt stronger when the three of us prayed in agreement. After the second wave, we took the risk to swim across to a staircase. When I was up at the balcony, the whole disaster hit me, only then I started to cry and the fear was overwhelming. There were about 20 foreigners were at the balcony, everyone were in shocked, people were crying and blood were everywhere. My sister only suffered some bruises while I had a deep cut on both my feet. It was painful but the shock was unbearable. I could not take my eyes away from the sea, worried that the third wave will attack us again. At the balcony I was still holding on to a pole, while my sister went around praying for others, telling them that Jesus will kept us safe from harm. I knew she meant well, she doesn't care about her own safety she know if anything happen to us we will go to heaven BUT she is more concerned for the others, she also want them to go to heaven. She kept telling them about Jesus and she prayed for all of them. She prayed in Jesus name to break and bind all the fear in them. I noticed, some foreigners appreciated her and accepted Christ there and then while others was calmer after the prayer. She doesn't allow me to cry and she told me to keep praying in tongues and worships the Lord and I did nothing but just that. Later when she was next to me, I then asked my sister in my chocking voice "Can I sing a worship song"? She looked at me helplessly and said " ok you sing to the Lord"...Tears kept flowing down my cheek, I sang," when the oceans rise and thunders roar, i will soar with you above the storm, father you are King over the flood, I will be still know you are God" Right after I sang that song, my sister looked at me and quickly said " That's right!! That is what God is trying to tell us. He is the Kind over the flood and he is asking us to be still and know that He is GOD and he will overseas the whole situation." June continue saying " God was trying to prepare us before the tragedy that is why he gave you the song to sing last night and that is why he woke us up earlier this morning so that we could leave the room if not we would have been trapped" I listened attentively, nodded my head, still crying and agreed that everything she said make sense. The sudden feeling of God's presence and his greatest love just flows in my heart and immediately I had peace and fear just left me. I felt the Lord was telling me "Don't worry, everything is going to be over and the wave will not come near you anymore" True enough, there were no third wave, the sea water subsided, the rescue team began to search and rescue all of us. The ambulance took me to the nearby hospital as I was badly cut and could not walk. There were neither "after shock" nor 3rd tidal wave but the town were in chaos. The hospital that we were at, were in chaos condition. They could not treat me but only offered me a bandage. We walked out of the hospital to find a pair of scandals as my scandals was swept away by the wave. As we were walking to look for a shop, my sister realized I cannot walk and I was still bleeding due to the deep cuts. She asked me to wait for her, while she proceeds to look for a shop to get me a pair of scandals. While waiting for her, people were again seen running towards me. The police were making some announcement in their local language. I could not understand. I thought I lost my sister, but thank God she came out looking for me and we found each other in the midst of people running for their life. We asked one of the locals and we were told to run to the mountain as there could be an "after shock" and the possibility of a greater damage. I felt the tense again, we walked as fast we could but we have no idea where to. Later, we stop a van and the driver drop us near a hill top. We reached the mountain and we saw a bungalow belong to a local. There were many foreigners seated along the road side. My sister told me to find a quiet place so that we could pray. We found this little corner at the side of the bungalow. We seated and started to pray. The place we were resting overseeing the sea. I hated the sea then. I never thought such a beautiful and peaceful place can turn out to be so ugly, so fierce, and so merciless. I was angry at the sea-deep in me I know it was the devil's work. The devil chooses the holiday season to kill much innocent life. I just could not leave my eye looking at the sea, crying and praying at the same time. I was feeling very insecure and worried of another attack. About 30 minutes later, the owner of the house came out and asked us if we wanted a drink. I knew we look miserable and dirty, in our wet shorts and t-shirt, dirty sand on our hair, we looked and felt like a refugee. At that instant I really know how it feels to be one. My sister had earlier said to me, should we need to notify anyone, it has to be someone who can pray and intercede for us. So I asked if I could call our Pastor, and she agreed. We both walked towards the house entrance and asked the owner's permission to use their phone. We were blessed that we still had our passport and money as we stuff those in a waist pouch. We knew that we could pay the owner on the telephone charges made by us. I believed it was the favor from the Lord, the local owner not only allowed us to used their phone, they even offered us to take a rest in their place. They told us to shower, provide us with dry cloths, gave us food to eat, provide us with new blankets, and even gave us mattress and pillow so we could be more comfortable. We were the only 2 among many foreigners that were given such treatment by that owner. The rest of the victims were left waiting and camping along the roadside. The 2 hours after shock never came and time passed we were still waiting. It was already 6pm. The locals told us that the airport is opened. My sister was feeling uneasy; she felt that we should leave the island. But we wanted to hear from the Lord. We knew God can give us instruction. So we prayed in agreement and prayed in tongues. Again I felt the Lord was saying something to me. I felt that the Lord is saying we will be flying off that night itself. If I were to use my mind to analyst, I knew it is impossible as everything is in chaos and we can't even call the airport. All the telephone lines were dead. In my mind, even if we were to reach the airport, it is near to the sea and what if another attack hit, we would be facing what we faced earlier. Being up in the mountain is not the safest place to be either. Should there were an after shock, the mountain will give way and causes another major collapse. I obeyed what I feel the Lord said to me and told my sister. My sister then prayed to the Lord and said, "Lord, if it is your will for us to leave the island tonight, Pastor Vernon will call the house. And that will be the confirmation" We continue praying. At 11pm, the phone rang and it was Pastor Vernon. June asked Pastor and told him about our plan. Pastor mentioned that during his prayer he also felt the Lord wanted us to leave the island as soon as possible. That was the confirmation and we asked the owner's son to take us to the airport immediately. We reached the airport at 12.30am. There were only a handful of people. None of the victims were seen in the airport except June and I. No body knew what happened to us and we proceed to asked if there were any tickets to KL. There wasn't obviously but the lady told us there is a plane leaving to Bangkok in half an hour time. We looked at each other; we were very surprised and quickly purchased 2 tickets to Bangkok. We arrived at Bangkok airport at 3am. I noticed that the flight that we were in was a delay flight from Phuket which was meant to fly off at 7.45pm. I had a disbelief look and deep in me I know that the Lord must have waited for us to board the plane. Again I was totally amazed with the Lord's timing and his plan for us to leave the island. Again I had learned another lesson from the Lord. When HE gave you instruction, don't think how, just do it. Everything is possible according to HIS will. We both returned safely to KLIA at 12.00pm on 27th December 2004. HE is truly an awesome GOD and HE is alive and HIS words are real. I don't regret going through the disaster as it has make me a stronger person, and my faith in the Lord has definitely soar higher.....higher than the tidal wave for sure. Thank you all for your kind concern, your sms and your calls. God Bless you always. Chung Eng Lee Petaling Jaya-Malaysia.

SarahE. Crossland's testimony

Submitted by Sarah E. Crossland. This is my personal testamony of Salvation. To this day, I praise the Lord for his amazing, unbelieveable kindness towards me. The amazing way he captured me that day. To this day, I don't know what he did to my heart! Thank you Jesus! I love you, my Saviour! This Testamony is unabridged. Introduction. Dear reader. It is my pleasure to write this for you to read, as it is my personal testamony of Salvation and the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. this may be my testamony, but you could easily have one too. Dear reader, I am pleading with you now, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, I beg you to do so. I can't force anything on you, but please listen to him now before it's too late. Jesus loves you my friend and wants to have you in his eternal kingdom. As do I. As you read this testamony, please think on what I have just told you. Jesus died on the cross for your sins and loves you more than you could even begin to understand or comprehend. If you have any questions feel free to send me an Email. I will also put my msn messenger, aim and skype at the end of this document. I will be happy to try and answer them, but you will find a lot of the answers in the bible, which is the true, unchanging word of God. I will be very happy to pray with you also. Love you in Christ, God bless you and your loved ones, always, Sarah E. C. The beginning. When I was young, my dad's girlfriend, now wife, would take me to church with her on a Sunday. I don't know to this day if she was truely serious about Christ, but I know now she isn't. She is not saved. Nither are any of my family, but more of that later... I apparently used to play up in church, not at all understanding it's true meaning. Something I now, truely regret. My confirmation. I used to atend keyboard lessons, with a teacher named Angela. I took some keyboard exams because of her, but I keep my grades quiet. During some of the time in the lessons, however, we would begin to discuss Christ. i would ask questions, i remember her one lesson particularly, when she was telling me about the virgen birth. I don't hear from her anymore these days and wish I did. I'd love to tell her this story. Anyway, after making enquiries, Angela told me that, along side my music lessons, she would be able to get me confirmed. I started taking confirmation classes, with a Vicar named Michael Pullin. He was very nice. I recorded the classes on to tape, I hope I still have some somewhere. I got confirmed, by the Bishop of Bath, on November 12th, 2000. It was great, it was a Sunday and I had to go back to school in Exeter the next day! I wrote an essay on my confirmation for school. I still have that too. That was the first time I ever took holy comunion. I was determined to make a difference for Christ back at school. I felt like a different person that day and still can't explain why. For my Conformation, from the church, i recieved a set of tapes of the bible, not the whole thing though. I still have that also. It's very precious to me. From Angela and Clive, i recieved a wooden carving of the praying hands of Christ. On the back, it says shalom from Israel. For a while afterwards, i played keyboard drums, in my church band. The leader of which, new Angela. Good times. When things went wrong. A couple of years later, my nan died. I phone Michael to tell him, but that was it for my faith, it began to shake considerabley. When I touched the coffin at her funeral, and knew she was gone I was questioning God, why did you take her? I loved her so much, you are so cruil, etc. My family arn't Christians, as mentioned above and that didn't make it any easier. I turned away from God. I don't have a date for turning away, but I have a date for coming back home again! The Prodigal Years. I started at Exiter College, with absolutely no desire to come back to God. I was 16 when I started there and when I finnished. I was only there for one year. Then I mooved on to RNC. Anyway, Simon, my x, and I started going out. For a while, we were inseperable. But then, things started going wrong. I didn't admit then that I could very possibley have been missing Jesus, but I think now, looking back on it, I was. I invented an imaginary friend, by the name of Cyril Cusac. Ciryl is a real guy and he is an Irish actor. If he ever gets to read this, I don't know what he'll say. I pretended he was coming to lectures with me, etc. However, when Simon found out, about a year later, he ended it. That was not what I'd expected, surely, if he'd known how miserable and lonely i was, he would've stuck with me. I told the College staff, I'd been getting phone calls from Cyril and they dont' know to this day, it was a lie. I'm not proud of it and have prayed a lot about it but I really believe God's telling me it's ok and simply just to let it go. I told Simon, I was getting my phone monitored for his calls, even pretended to speak to the people monitoring it, pretended Cyril was the DJ for our Christmas dinner, pretended he was my exams moderator, so had to take them over the phone, played the keyboard to him, etc. All of which Simon fell for at first, he even tried to speak to Cyril. I don't know what my reaction was, but in the end, I'd fooled myself he was real. Anyone wants to know the story of Cyril, feel free to ask. Too much to write here, This books about the King of my life! The staff at College were not at all understanding, simply, they didn't like me, I didn't like them. They accused me of being rotten to Simon and hurting his feelings! What about mine, ha? Simon hurt mine a lot worse, later. Anyways, I started at RNC, Hereford, a year later. Simon was repeatedly ending the relationship, really hurting my heart, but I was so devoted, i kept going back to him! Why? What an idiott I was! Of course, as I wasn't a Christian, Simon and I made love a few times, so obviously, I'm not a virgin. I wish I was now! I wish I could have that back. Many times, God's seen me cry about it. However, he's so forgiving! Oh yes he is! I haven't said yet, we were engaged and we both had rings. Simon lost his first one and he says the second one got squashed by a car. Shows what he thinks of me, ha? I'm sorry, i have forgiven him, but the memory does still sting. I had mine, rite to it's very end. I'll explain later. Missing Christ without knowing it. All the things that happened, feeling so sad and alone, going to church very ocationally, I wonder now if i was really missing Jesus so bad I couldn't even admit it to myself. I think to this day, I was. My last months prodigal. Simon and I had a cool weekend together in November, 2003. Very erm.... sexual. Then, I thought it was great! Simon is not a Christian. Then, I didn't care. People would say, I'll be praying for you, I'd be like, whatever. My friend Katie as always telling me how much Christ loved me. I've got a tape of that too. I remember saying, I bet he doesn't. Katie was like, oh yes he does. Then, on January 1st, 2004, I asked Simon again, if he'd marry me, he was like, I dunno Sarah. On January 19th, 2004, the day I had an exam, Simon ended it, again! I was heart broken and wanted to kill myself! I could not imagine life without him and I used to say to him, things I now feel disgusted with myself for. "Are you sure you're not Jesus in disguise?" "You should be up there with God, you can't put a foot wrong!" I worshipped that guy! My last days prodigal! For the next few days, towards the end of January, i was in a terible state. I walked around in tears, cried a lot on my own, drank a lot, etc. I thought I'd lost the love of my life! If there was a God, I reasoned, why would he take someone so amazing away from me! He was an angel! At least, that's what i thought then... The day I was captured forever! On Saturday, January 31st, 2004, I went with Edwina, (my youth leader,) to Glosster Docks with another Student. It was good fun. I bought mum a CD. I listen to it now, and remember the day my life changed forever... On the way back, Edwina wanted to go in to a Christian shop. I was like, I'll come in, just to get out of the car. Note. Over the last few days, since Simon ended it again, I'd been feeling so trapped, so alone. I know now, why that was. We went in to this Christian shop and Edwina started looking at books. Before i knew where I was, I was talking to the shop assistant. I told her about all my personal problems, having just lost my boyfriend/fiance, and how miserable and alone i was feeling. I told her I was not a Christian, but had been slightly thinking about Jesus, over the last few days, nothing important, I said. How wrong i was... She told me I should pray. I said i didn't want to and didn't know how even if I did want too. I was feeling terible when I left the shop, knowing something in my life was missing... We got back in the car and started driving hom. Edwina said she had to stop and get some petrol. Suddenly, when she'd got out and shut the door, I would still sware on it to this day, I heard a very gentle voice. My daughter? There was silence. I looked at the other student. Did you just say "my daughter?" For a joke? He was like, "no." There was a moment of silence. I just asumed I'd imagined it. "My daughter?" There it was again. This time, it continued to speak. To this day, I am still amazed by the words I heard. "My dearest Sarah, it is me, Jesus. I love you more than you could ever understand, or even begin to comprehend. I died on the cross for your sins. My daughter, ever since you left me, I have been greeving. My heart has been broken." I couldn't believe it! I suddenly realised how wrong i'd ever been to leave Christ in the first place and i was heart broken, simply because I'd hurt my Lord, king and Saviour! I realised what a sinner i was, and I did not deserve his grace! Still, Jesus, loved me! Even after all I'd done, all I'd said against him, he still cared! Edwina got back in the car and I was like, "I think I've found God!" Now, looking back, I should've said, "Jesus has given me a second chance, and I'm gonna take it!" She was like, "praise God!" We got back to the College, I went to my room and I believe Jesus held me tight in his arms, for a long time. While I cried and told him how sorry i was! The comfort he gave me, was absolutely amazing! He is so kind! By the end of that Sunday night of that first weekend as a saved Christian, I was head over heals in love with Jesus Christ! My Baptism. On Friday, February 13th, the day before Valentines day, I went home from Collge for half term. Origenally, i was going to be spending valentines day with Simon, before he ended it and Christ changed my life forever! On Sunday, February 15th, 2004, my friend Katie, invited me to her church in Weston. I went and was actually seriously listening this time. At the end of the service, Peter, (the Minnister) told us there was going to be a baptism service the next week! To this day, I do not think that was a co-incodence! I never thought I'd ever get baptised, let alone except Christ! However, there I was, at the end of the service, telling Peter I wished to be baptised! He said that would be fine! I gave the music leader, Paul, my baptism song. Matt Redman, "When the Music Fades" and all that week, I learnt the words, practicing it every day, on a Cd I bought the nex day. The best day of my entire life! I will say, at this moment, I am having dificulty writing this, because I am just in such awe, of Christ! His mercy, love and kindness! I'm thinking about my baptism day and I just feel so happy and thankful! How could I have ever mocked Jesus! How, how, how! Katie and I, along with the other baptism canadates, arived at the church early. Katie was going to be my towel girl, the first to welcome me in to the Kingdom in public! I was feeling really nervous! I hoped I would do the rite thing, most of all, not ashame God, as I was so young in the faith, about to publically give him my life! As I write this, over 2 years later, the memories are still very strong, I wish I could have it all over When the rime came, the Canadadates and Minnisters went in to the back room to pray. I was feeling terefied, but in an amazing way! When it was my turn to be baptized, I went to the microphone and gave a short testamony. The ending words were, I just know i want to follow my Lord and master for the rest of my life and beyond! When I came out of the water, my first words were, "Praise the Lord!" I remember I was crying and when my song was being sung, i could hardly sing. Reader, I really believe this is what God said to me in the water. "My daughter, it doesn't matter that you can't see, I will still be able to use you in ways you can't even begin to imagine! I love you so much! I've hung on to those words, even through the hardest times. Even now, they are the best words i've ever heard. What's more, I sure believe it! I don't wanna let him down! Conclusion. A lot has happened since i came to Christ. Sure, it hasn't all been a bed of roses, but God is good! One thing I've learnt, even though it's hard, is to praise him through bad times just as much as through good times! God will bring you through, if you go by faith, not by feeling! What happened to the ring you may be wondering? Well, Simon and I got back together one last time, after I'd been baptized. i tried to bring him to Christ, but I couldn't. I really believe though, maybe someone will. It didn't feel rite the entire time. One day, in April, God told me to end the relationship. I did so. My ring was thrown down the toilet. Yes, it's true. It's strange now, because I don't miss it, or him at all. However, Simon if you ever read this, I am always praying for you. Remember that, please. I have found the best thing in my life, that's Jesus Christ! Thank you Lord, I love you so much, I can't wait until the day when I see your face! Your servant, awaiting your return, Sarah E C. Dear reader, that was my testamony. If this has touched you in any way, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to talk to you and maybe to pray with you. There's a group of us that join for prayer. If you want more info, feel free to Email me. Every day is a living testamony of God's good works in our lives. I don't believe a testamony ever ends, until we reach Christ's thrown. Hopefully, God's will, my testamony will continue when I start Bible College, where I am praying to become a Minnister. I can't wait to spread the gospel and the goodness of Christ Jesus! My contact info is below, please feel free to use it! Love you in Christ Jesus, Please, if you haven't, turn to him before it's too late, i can't stress that enough! Sarah E. C. Contact info. MSN and Email. Sarah4Christ_1985@hotmail.com Aim: A O L instant messenger: loll7452 Skype: sazel_c God bless you, now and forever! Amen!

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These audio testimonies have been recorded,
by Shane Davidson, for broadcast.
We are providing them to you, as encouragement,
on demand, thanks to shane.
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