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on this page, we will talk about the truth about easter, and resurrection day.
Christians have no business celebrating, what man calls easter.

What is Easter?

Easter, is a day that was started, as a pagan holiday.
It was a day started, in reference to the aligning of the moon.
The term Easter does not come from the Bible,
but rather from the name of an ancient goddess of spring.
The name Easter comes from the ancient Anglo-Saxon goddes of spring.
Despite having it's roots in paganism, Easter was a pagan festival that professing Christian leaders came to embrace as their own.
Christian religious leaders believed the only way they could persuade the pagan world to accept Christianity was by adopting many of the rituals these new "converts" held dear.
Is Easter Christian? The simple answer is "no."
Despite all it's beauty and pageantry, Easter is pagan to the core.
It's symbols and traditions do not honor Christ or His sacrifice.
On the contrary, they actually mock it.
It is important to understand that nowhere in the New Testamant do we find God's Church celebrating Easter.
Man's attempt to replace God's festivals and Holy Days with customs that come directly from the pagan world represents an act of arrogance.
Be not deceived; God is not mocked:
for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Gal. 6:7)

Christians all over the world,
celebrate this day in the wrong spirit.
We as christians, are to celebrate Resurrection day, not Easter.
This is the day set aside to celebrate the rising of our Lord,
and saviour Jesus the Christ of Nazereth.

We need to stop teaching our kids about a bunny,
hopping from place to place bringing candy, and eggs.
it is good to have fun with our children, but, we shouldn't lie to them.
We teach our children not to lie to us,
so in turn we shouldn't lie to them.

We need to stop going out and spending alot of money on clothes, for the wrong reasons.
People go and get outfits, to be seen and look cute.
The clothes will be bought, for one day in the year,
some people will not even put that outfit on ever again.
Some people go to church, just to be seen,
and to say, "I went to church on Easter.
This is not what the day is all about.

What is Resurrection day?

Resurrection Day, is a time to celebrate and praise God for the return of Jesus,
from the grave. It is a time to give thanks for his life,
as well as our new lives in him.
Let's take our minds off Easter,
and put it back on what the day really means to Christians all over the world.

People may get mad at me, but I really don't care.
It is time to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth.

The Bible says, cry loud, and spare not.
Lift up your voice like a trumpet.
If we are going to live for God, then let's be for real,
and live 100 percent for him.
For 99 and one half won't do.

May God bless and keep you in this holy season.
May I say, to you, happy, and blessed, Resurrection day.
Here are a few reasons to celebrate resurrection day.

> Remember, it's all about Jesus, the Christ of Nazereth.
Celebrating is fine,
but remember, Jesus is the reason for the resurrection day season.
God bless you, and may Heaven smile upon you.

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