On this page we will give you some sites of some of my friends.
These aren't just christian sites,
but I feel honored to have some great friends.
They have placed links to my site on their sites, and now,
I want to return the favor.


These are friends,
that I have been blessed to meet,
through the wonderful world of the internet.
My firstcool friend is Trenton Matthews.
Trenton is acool young man,
from the Denver Colorado area.
His web site has,

links to different game sites, accessable for the blind
links to awesome radio stations
a personal on line diery
Plus more. Check his awesome site out.

Tristan Bussiere is a cool dude.
who knows alot about games and computers. >br> Check his awesome site out.

Jessi, is asweet young lady,
from British Columbia Canada.
Her site, has,

a biography
music that she has recorded
Thoughts on some of her favorite musical artists
and much more.
Another awesome site, created, by a blind individual.

The Meizinger family web site was created by the son of my friend Vicki.
She is the moderater of the blind full gospel yahoo group.
youngest son (Adam)
is the designer of this awesome family web site.
This family has been a great help to me in many areas of my ministry.
Adam is one of the people, that helped me get this site up and running.
Check out there site,
read, and post in the forums,
and receive knowledge.

Another cool site, that I think you should know about,
is the site created by Tom Lorimer.
He is an individual from the U.K.
This is a site with many different items,
that you may be interested in.
There is information,
that you may need,
or be interested in.
there are,

game downloads
more streams to radio stations
other program downloads
and other interesting things.
Just click the link, and check it out.

Another great site being added is,
that of Stephen Clower.
He is a blind college student from Texas.
He has a great audio site,
where you can see other links,
and even download a talking clock.
Click on his link below, and have fun.

Another good friend is Pastor Darryl Breffe
He is from the HYANNIS MA. area.
Pastor Darryl Breffe and wife Vicki, have a web site.
Here you can click the link to their radio station/ chatt room.
He has a forum and live Bible study, and more.
Great Gospel music and teaching.
Click on the link, and be blessed.

Another great site is the site of Nicole Woodruff.
She is a great writer.
Check out her new web site.
You will enjoy great readings, written by Nicole.

The next link is of that of Danielle Hollobaugh, a great singer,
who is on fire for the Lord.
Check out her page.

We also have the blessed web site of,
Sister Karolyn Phillips.
She is a sister, on fire for the Lord.
Check out her awesome page.


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