God bless you, I am pastor Jeffry Miller.
This is the page of Christ Universal Church Of Prayer.
Where the holy Ghost is the founder,
and this your humble servant (Reverend Jeffry Miller) is the pastor.
Our Church Motto is, "the church where the Holy Ghost is in controll."

About the ministry.

Christ Universal Church Of Prayer was organised in 1991.
We started out with just a few members, and had our first service,
the first sunday in January, 1992.
We useed a building at 416 South Cicero Ave. In Chicago, Il.
We have had many ups and downs, but with the help of God,
we will be the church that he is calling for in these last,
and evil days.
We have had services in a building at 5220 West North Ave. Chicago,
We also had services in different members homes, including the pastor's home at 325 North Austin Blvd.
We currently now are not holding service, but we are waiting on the Lord,
to bless us with more members, and a place to worship.
I ask that you would keep this ministry in your prayers.
We know, that God is able to do all things but fail.

listen to some of our services from the past

To Listen to some of our services, just click the listen links below.
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